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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday style swap

The holidays are a fun and wonderful time of the year! It is so great to get together with friends and family but it can be expensive...but it doesn't have to be.

why not try some of these fun ways to save over the holidays and still have a fun and fabulous holiday

- try a cookie exchange. it's easier and most cost effective to bake multiples of one cookie plus it's a great way to try some new baking goodies. but choose your cookie exchange members carefully, reliable friends are best!

- if you know someone maybe even a family member who does not decorate the house anymore (maybe they travel or don't host anymore) ask if you can buy or have their old decor items

- get the kids involved in homemade decorations. popcorn strings, hand painted wood or over baked dough ornaments, paper chains's fun to do too!

- make wrapping paper and cards too

- share the duties: if you are great at wrapping and a friend is fabulous at decorating why not exchange duties? you'll both end up with fantastic results and less frustration too

- do a gift exchange (a great idea for the gown-ups) we don't really need anything and it helps every one's bank accounts

- what to do with all of your leftovers after those big holiday meals? do a left over party on the 26 th. my family started doing this a number of years ago and it's fun and so easy plus no more leftovers filling up the fridge. invite anyone you want - family, friends, neighbours and they are to bring their leftovers. have a table with all of the food for everyone to pick at, let the kids play, watch movies whatever and just have a relaxing day!

It's doesn't matter how you and your loved ones celebrate - the number of gifts, what you eat and how to decorate what matters is who you are with and the fun you have together!

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