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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas in a condo - some chic but unexpected decor ideas for the holidays

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the decor - it's fun and festive but does it have to be so tradition or so childlike? NO!! Living in a smaller space can also be a challenge for decorating and celebrating during the holidays

Here are some fun, festive and fabulous decor ideas (and party ideas) to ring in the holidays with some urban and contemporary flair!

- Fill large glass vases, bowls and other chic containers with glass ball ornaments in various shapes and sizes but in a coordinating colour concept (of your choice and the options are endless these days). Display these bowls and vases throughout your space. This adds some colour, texture and bling to your home!

- Want to keep it contemporary and chic? Work in holiday decor with your existing colour theme. If your home is very grey add some accents of silver reindeer, if your space is cream or cream add some white snowflakes. To keep it chic - don't clutter, keep it clean and streamlined, by using the existing colour palette the look is festive without being obvious.

- Hosting a Christmas lunch or cocktail? Be different. Stand out from the crowd. Serve the unexpected - like sushi. It's colourful, bit size and easy to order in! You can display these delicious bites throughout the space on crisp, clean white dishes. Who says we have to serve turkey or ham? In Italy, it's tradition to serve fish (7 kinds to be exact) on Christmas eve. A lighter meal would be appreciated by most (a healthy one too). The other great thing about serving sushi is that you can eat i standing up, so you don't have to have a formal sit down dinner party. If you want to keep the party even easier, your guests could trying making and rolling there own sushi.

- Where to hang the stocking? Maybe you don't have a fireplace mantel, there are many places to hang the stocking. Why not on the backs of chairs or stools? If you want to keep the chic, stylish looks of your condo don't buy the stockings covered in snowmen and Santa's, look for simple and less bright - there are so many options for stockings these days. Ladies - they even have stiletto stockings!

- For a centrepiece, pointsettas are traditional so why not opt for simple white or green arrangements? Looking for a brighter colour concept - whatever colour you choose find some floral arrangements that are simple and modern for your centrepiece. You could go very sleek with calla lilies or more voluminous with peonies or hydrangea. Simple and clean will give you that chic streamlined look. Add some shine with napkin rings and some texture with your table runner, table cloth or napkins. Some clean (fragrance free) candles also add some lovely ambiance.

- Waste not, want not. Instead of wrapping gifts in wrapping paper that just goes to waste, look for beautiful boxes that can be re-used by your friends and loved ones. A bit more expensive, yes but maybe not if they use the boxes over and over again.

- Christmas in a condo? Fitting a spruce or pine tree in your space can be very tricky and some condo boards even have rules against this. Yes, you could opt for a fake tree but storing it year after year could be an issue. Why not opt for some fauxwhite branches (available at craft stores and home decor stores), place the branches in a glass vase and hang some festive ornaments from the branches. It's clean and chic. Or, purchase a fragrant rosemary tree for the condo - it looks like a mini Christmas tree and smell incredible plus you can use the fresh rosemary in your cooking.

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