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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Well it's a busy time of year - the holiday season! It can be expensive and stressful too. I find an early start is a great way to keep the stress low but if you can't do that (time or finances perhaps) think about gift ideas in advance and don't for get to get creative!!

I've started my shopping and I'm almost done - how about you? I was able to get a head start online which is so great as many stores have great deals on shipping. My husband's family is mostly out of town and so shipping can be pricey.

I've really tried to stay out of the malls (sometimes it's unavoidable) but I spent a lot of time actually thinking about what I wanted to get my friends and family this Christmas to help me get a head start. I knew I would have limited time if I was out with the kids, so a list really helped!

Some of my family members and friends have moved so I wanted to get them items to make their new home feel cozy and inviting. So I have looked at some luxurious blankets and pillows and some beautiful coffee table books.

Books are something I love to give! Whether it's adults, teens or children. Books are fun, interesting and beautiful.

For kids - try giving them an activity instead of a movie or video game. I gave my niece and nephew some great science and art projects. They are fun! They keep them busy! and, I was surprised how much you can get for so little!

But for others - I really thought about them; what they like, what they need and what they would really enjoy. Or maybe treat them to something special - like a massage or a fabulous dinner.

When my sister and brother-in-law lived here, we didn't do a gift exchange, we went out for a amazing dinner and of course, wine and had an incredible night out. That was one of my favourite gifts to give!

Or, try getting a head start! This summer, during our holiday visiting my sister-in-law and her kids I contacted a local photographer to take some family photos. I framed the photos and sent them out to the grandparents. I know they will love them! And, I was able to buy them in August!

Think about creating a basket with items that the recipient will love - snacks, drinks, ornaments etc....go with a theme and get fun!

Or give a friend or family member a break and get them a cleaning service for the day. Perfect for new moms too!

Or get a great basket for the whole family - a basket with board games and snacks - a tone of fun for everyone!!

whatever you do for the holidays remember it's not about the money it really is the thought!

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