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Monday, February 20, 2012

Eye candy for your walls

Looking for some great ideas to fill up those blank wall spaces in your home? Once you put something on your walls (besides paint) it can totally transform an entire space. Art is great but there are many other options out there - check out these ideas...

1. Mirrors. they are shiny plus the reflective surface lets light bounce around the room. try playing with proportion or look for various mirrors with interesting frames and create a mirror collage.

2. Chalkboard. Framed or not - is a great way to communicate, stay organized or even just to keep an inspirational saying, chalkboard is easy, inexpensive and can really be both functional and stylish. I loved my chalkboard in my kitchen !

3. Shelving. A great way to add some dimension plus a clean and fresh way to display collectibles, books, photos etc....Mix it up! Don't over do it! And you will have some beautiful displays in your home.

4. Clocks. There are so many styles an sizes to choose from. I did an office renolast year and we did a floating shelf (see idea 3) and we displayed various clocks and hour glasses. Look for over sized or even vintage to add some visual interest and personality to your space.

5. Wall decals. I have blogged about these before. they are great to almost any room and the selection is endless and the price point is great! I have used them everywhere - most recently in my baby's nursery - I don't have to worry about falling objects and yet the room is still really stylish. These are great on walls that are sloped or just plain awkward! They add colour and personality. Plus - they are so easy to remove!

6. Wall mounted candles. I have also done this in my home. They add a certain old world charm with a touch of romance. They can be paired up with art, wall decals, mirrors, shelving many options.

7. Framed paper. Such an easy DIY project and so inexpensive. I have done this a lot when I stage homes. Go to a craft store or even a home decor store. Look for cool and colourful craft paper, frame it (I always use a matte) and voila, a fabulous piece of art! I have used these types of pieces in children's' rooms, bathrooms, hallways etc...Great and easy space fillers.

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