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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bathroom trends for 2012

Now that 2012 is in full swing what are some of the trends will be seeing this year?

Let's start with bathrooms.

The Natural Bath

You will see a trend towards warmth and nature in the bathroom this year. Wood grain tiles, porcelain tiles, use of recycled materials (such as recycled glass counter tops), soothing and calming colour palettes, also the warmth of metal fixtures in Champagne and bronze, weathered wood (such as driftwood) is hot as an accessory and for cabinetry. Wall colours will be minimalist in shades of ivory, or a light tough of green. even accessories will have an organic feel with stone accessories, wood, and natural sponges.

Streamlined and Eco-friendly design

This look is a bit more on the modern side in terms of aesthetics. Very simple and clean. Those dark, heavy vanities are on the outs and instead we are seeing light in both colour and material. Even the plumbing is getting an update, you will see flush drains (that are functional but not a focal point), wall mounted faucets, and chrome will continue to be hot with this look. You will also see a modern take on recycling with a trend toward Ice Stone and Paper Stone - these products are made of recycled glass and mimic the look of a natural stone, they are super durable and very easy to clean.

Colour and tile

This a for someone who really wants some personality in their bathroom. This is for the person who doesn't mind flaunting their stuff! Whether it's the tile floor, shower surround, or back splash or maybe all of the above - eye catching tiles are in the spotlight! Don't be afraid of colour and texture and pattern - there are so many selections for so many tastes. But you can really make incredible impact with the tiles on the marketplace these days. Colour, pattern, texture and shine - yes you can have it all!

Wood floors in the bathroom?

Sounds crazy? Well it's not. The quality of wood planks is so much better than in the past and they can stand up to the challenges in a bathroom. Just let you installer know you are putting wood flooring in the bathroom so they can do a proper install. Something like salvaged barn board is perfect since it is already weathered and it looks great - so full of character ! not sure of wood on the floor? Try introducing it in a vanity or even just a mirror frame. You can accessorize with driftwood (so sculptural and truly unique) or a vase with sticks in a corner. To offset the heaviness of wood add soft elements with your towels and look at a custom shower curtain (keep a vinyl layer for the inside but go to a fabric store and select a fabric or even look at pre-made curtains for a custom shower curtain look). Colour isn't the only way to add warmth to a room - texture can do wonders!

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