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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little bit of organizing goes a long way...

Studies say that organized people experience less stress, now wouldn't that be nice?!

If you are in need of some organizing, the spring is a great time to get started. It's a time for renewal and re-evaluating. Start with the small 'problem' areas like your junk drawer, front hall closet or the linen closet. I tackled my linen closet last week and what a small change but a big difference.

Here's some great tips for the linen closet:

1 - If you can start with adjustable shelves, so you can control the placement of each item according to your needs.

2 - Organize by linen type. So keep bathroom linens together, kids' bedroom linens together etc...and stick to that system, when it comes to finding your linens - you'll save time!

3 - Try using baskets, you can label them or colour code them, for each member of the family that keep everyone organized.

4 - Dedicated linens for guests. That way they are ready at a moments notice when an over night guest pops in.

5 - Fold neatly. This will make more room for everything in the linen closet.

6 - Use the highest and lowest shelves for season items that you won't use year round.

7 - Face clots have a tendency to topple over so keep them together in a box for better organization.

8 - Keep a basket of extra toiletries in the linen closet, just in case

9 - So how many of each type of linen does a typical household need?

3 sets of sheets for each bed

2 sets of pillow shams

1 duvet or comforter for each bed

2 duvet covers for each duvet

1 blanket or throw for each bed

1 lightweight cover for each bed

For each bathroom: 3 sets of two hand towels

For each adult: 3 bath towels and 6 face cloths

For each child: 3 bath towels and 6 face cloths

For each guest: one bed sheet set, two shams, one duvet, one duvet cover, one blanket, one bath towel and two face cloths

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