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Friday, March 16, 2012

Terrific Turquoise!

Turquoise is a colour that is so calming yet energetic at the same time. Think about the calming and invigorating effects of the beach...

So how can this fabulous colour become a part of your decor?

1. Try something bold with this colour. Try painting a door in this colour with contrasting white walls, wow what an impact!! Think about doing this in a smaller space like a bathroom, entry way or a home office...

2. Living room accents. Look at bringing this colour into your living room through artwork, accessories and pillows...solids or patterns, can add so much to a simple and neutral space.

3. Flair in the home office. Think about art and accessories here too but what about office materials like post-it notes, push pins, waste basket etc...Adding some excitement into a workspace can be really inspiring!

4. The kitchen is such a creative space so add some vibrancy with turquoise dishes, glassware, cookie jar, tea and dish towels or to go even further an accent wall!

5. The bathroom is a great place to add some colour. Why not update your towels or shower curtain with a splash of turquoise? Go solid or pattern it really doesn't matter. Turquoise reminds us of the beach paradise that we all find so relaxing, so bring that energy into your space at home.

Where can you find these fun and fabulous items in turquoise? I would start at any home decor store like Bouclair or HomeSense. You will find great deals and ideas. This colour is so fun and fresh and adding any colour into your home can really bring basics to life!

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