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Monday, February 27, 2012

She works hard for her money - so she deserves a pretty home office

Oh the home office can be such a headache....I know because I am trying to organize and decorate the two offices we have here at home. it's always the last space we think about decorating yet we spend so much time in there! If our home offices are anything like yours - unpacked boxes, stuff everywhere, no real sense of organization, all the materials to get organized sitting in the corner...I hear you! Here's what I did - I set a date to have my husband's home office complete. I purchased the materials to have an organized space and a stylish one too, online! the items are due to arrive at any moment....I took a few chunks of time over the span of a few days to sort and organize and if needed, throw out and now I have a great base to work with and my hubby will have a wonderful workspace.

Now how about the ladies? Offices of all kinds have this sterile, masculine look with may not appeal to your style and may not motivate you to work at home. So how can you add a woman's touch to your workspace?

1 - look for some feminine patterns - could be your stationary, your office chair, even your files. A pattern adds some flair and femininity

2 - a soft paint colour. since the furniture tends to be on the manly side offset it with a softer hue on your walls or if you have a wood desk, why not paint it in a colour custom for you!

3 - something soft on the floor. Think about an area rug with some texture and/or colour. This can really add a girly touch to your workspace

4 - drapes. fabric surrounding your window (if you have one) can add softness and if you select the right colour and/or pattern it can make the space feel even more feminine

5 - curves. look for a desk and/or chair that has curves (like the legs or the back) again adding a girly flair

6 - check out home decor stores for office supplies that have some pattern, colour and/or floral pattern you can find boxes, stationary, pencils etc...that have both a decorative and practical side

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