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Monday, March 5, 2012

And baby makes 3...

Or in my case, here comes baby #3! Yes, we are expecting baby #3 in the month of April. We are excited for the new addition and expanding our family! This will also be my third nursery to set up - I wouldn't say that I'm a baby pro but I definitely have experience decorating the perfect nursery.

Here are some of the must-haves:

- a crib or a bassinet (personally we never did the bassinet thing, although they are beautiful they are only able to be used for a certain period of time and if you are on a budget a crib will last much longer)

- you will want a dresser, try looking at kijiji or yard sales (depending on your due date) there are some great finds and you can always paint (or change up the hardware)them to make a custom look for your little one. We used 2 beautiful pine dressers that were passed down in my family and they are sturdy and perfect for a baby's room.

- changing table (open concept is very accessible just use some great baskets to stay organized OR try on with drawers, those too are great storage)

- you will want a rocker or a glider, very soothing at bedtime and those late night feedings. Add a fun cushion for comfort and style. If you have the allowance in your budget, try lay-z-boy, they have gliders and you get to choose the fabric so stylish and very comfy!

- bedding. like the rest of my home i like to stick with a theme but not get too matchy-matchy. I have done a different theme for each of my children. I like a theme that can grow with the child and one that you can add too as well. My daughter's room the theme was 'floral' and now that she has started to develop her own interests incorporating 'fairies' (her new obsession) was easy to integrate into our existing flower motif.

- crib sheets, you'll need a few I'd recommend 4-6

- wall decor can be tricky, I used wall decals in my kids' rooms as they are easy to stick on and pull off plus they are safe (especially when decorating above the crib) you don't have to worry about them falling down. Also with wall decals there are so many to choose from. For my daughter's room, we found a great floral wall decal at IKEA for $9.00 - a great find!

- a mobile, all of my children loved their mobiles, the movement, the music and the shapes. If you have chosen a bedding theme chances are there is a matching mobile.

-you'll need a changing table pad and cover, I always used solids as they were easier to find and the ones that match the bedding set were usually expensive.

- I also had a lamp (floor or table) for softer lighting during those late night feedings

- We always had hardwood flooring so I had a neutral area full of fun texture cut and bound for each room, as my children became older they loved playing and crawling on the shaggy rug

- you'll want a hamper, I also found great wicker baskets

- one thing I did in all of my nurseries is have a baby photo. I don't know why but I always liked how it looked and felt in the room. Now that my children are a bit older they love looking at photos of the family!

- think of some other items to: humidifier (there are some very cute ones), waste basket, curtains, window valance...

You can go really crazy when buying for baby as there are so many, many things to choose from. Talk to friends and family (anyone with experience with babies) and get the real deal of what you really need - there are a lot of silly products out there. Also if this is your first child, you may already know you plan on more than one, I would recommend purchasing furniture in a finish that is neutral - white, espresso, maple and then the accessories can be changed around as your family expands.

My baby's room has a farm theme, it's not quite done yet but it's getting there!

Good luck to all of you who are parents to be!

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