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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is eclectic decor?

What is eclectic decor? Well, the easiest way to define this style is by starting with what it is NOT. Eclectic decor is NOT: rigid, expected or traditional. Eclectic decor involves a unique sense of what 'goes together'. It includes colour, texture, pattern, playing with function and shine but used in special and interesting ways. It combines total opposites or unusual pairings that shouldn't work but they do!

This is perfect for those you love too much! Maybe you love cool and calm contemporary looks but also love the arts of Mexico. By combining the two very different styles, you are creating a truly personal and unique look.

But it's not a jumble of things you love (that's what I call a garage sale). Eclectic decor follows the five elements of basic design - line, mass, colour, form and texture; to create a unified look.

This look is for those who embrace the unexpected, who love whimsy and freedom of expression. Where you that child who deliberately coloured outside of the lines? Then eclectic decor is your look!

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