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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun and Funky Florals!!

Yes, spring has sprung! Although it still feels a bit chilly doesn't mean that you can't start getting for the new season. What do you think of when you hear 'spring'? I know I think of sun, green grass, bright colours, birds chirping and of course, floral!! Now I know floral seem so old fashioned but they don't have to be - try taking a modern approach. How can you make floral modern?

Scale: think BIG those tiny prairie floral patterns are passe. Go big and bold!

- try a peel and stick mural in big and bold flowers. I bought some bright fuchsia peel and stick flowers for my daughter's room - very fun!

- when choosing a custom fabric for pillows or an ottoman look for the big floral - so splashy!

- use floral in unusual space on on unusual items - upholster a very streamlined sofa or chair in a bright and funky floral

Colour: bright is better and definitely more current. Keep those pastel florals in the 80's where they belong!

- an easy art piece is to make your own, again for my daughter's room I took some arts and crafts paper is big and bright floral and framed the paper - it looks fresh and very clean because of the frame I selected.

- there are a lot of inexpensive art pieces in home decor stores right now in big, bold and bright floral. Adding an art piece and some colourful accessories in any room will totally transform the look and feel plus it's so easy!

Simplicity: keep it simple and it will always look clean which is essential in modern decor

- if you love having fresh flowers in your home use interesting shaped vases and keep the bouquets simple, use one colour, one type of flower or both

- don't over do it with the floral just add a piece or two and that's it. So a big floral themed art piece or a funky floral chair.

Floral are another great way of bringing the outside in and still keeping the look and feel modern and fresh. Take a look at the above images - one is very bold but in black and white but really plays with scale and simplicity and the other is very bright and uses scale to make an impact too! With floral patterns the possibilities are endless - have fun!

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