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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is traditional decor?

So when most of us hear the term "traditional decor" we think old fashioned, stuffy, boring, and matching sets.  But that's not necessarily true.  Traditional decor, in my opinion, should be re-named ' timeless decor' - why? Because it involves elements and pieces that stand the test of time, such as: polished woods, luxurious wools, neutral colours (brown, camel, cream, navy blue, charcoal), came; back sofas, wing back chairs, leather, glass, and patterns such as plaids and stripes.

You can still get very creative with traditional decor because it involves so many elements and materials.  Traditional can still be warm and comfortable - it mostly depends on how you mix the materials.  In traditional decor we do see a traditional way of setting up the furniture - think wing backs by the fireplace, end tables, sofa tables etc...

The shapes of furniture are also classic.  You won't be seeing modular furniture, accents of chrome, sectionals, bright colour and geometric patterns in traditional decor. 

Traditional decor is wonderful and does still allow for flexibility and because it stands the test of time you don't need to worry about over spending on furniture pieces.

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