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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is formal decor?

Many people confuse formal decor with traditional decor and although there are some similarities they are few and far between.  When you think formal decor think of elegant European hotels, state buildings, and ornate antiques. 

Formal decor includes: really high ceilings, dark and rich woods, crystal chandeliers, oriental rugs, dramatic drapes, original artwork with elaborate frames, tall windows, tassels and fringe, silks and velvet - very luxurious.

Elements of design such as formal balance and scale are very important in this style.

In most new homes, this look is tough to incorporate but you can include certain elements to add that elegant and formal touch.  we are seeing a lot of crystal accents in lighting, the dark woods or accents of silk and velvet (think of an accent chair or drapes).

Just like most other decor styles - pick a focal point in the room and base your design around it!  In the formal style a fireplace is a great example of what to centre your design around and build from there.

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