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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A D.I.Y Project that is to 'Dye' for!

Looking to spice things up a little in the boudoir?  Well, I can help - with the decor that is.

Try this easy and fresh watercolour look for your bedding.  This will give any bedroom a soft, romantic look by capturing the whimsy of watercolour.  This is a fabulous and relaxed summer look.

Here's what you need:
- a sharpie pen (now keep this in mind: a black marker will give a dark purple result, red - a pink result, blue and green will result in lighter shades of blue and green)
- rubbing alcohol
- spray bottle
- white linen sheets or white linen duvet cover and pillow shams

Here's what to do:
1.  Trace the trim of your sheets.  Lay the duvet cover (pillow shams and/or sheets) on a flat surface (be sure it is protected).  Use your sharpie permanent marker and trace along the four sides.  No rulers needed!  the imperfect line works with the whole concept of being and feeling carefree!  Trace the trim on the duvert cover, pillow shams, sheets etc...

2.  Spray with rubbing alcohol.  Transfer the alcohol into a spray bottle.  Apply generously along the lines that you have traced.  Now pin the sheet on a drying rack or clothesline and let the pigmnt bleed into the sheets (this will take a few hours - so be patient!)  The more you spray, the more the ink will bleed which leads to a stunning watercolour effect.  Once dry, tumble the sheets in a hot dryer for about 15 minutes to set this dye, then launder. 

3.  Dres up your bed.  this watercolour custom sheet set looks best when paired with solids in similar hues (that way it keeps that rich custom and carefree look).

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