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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

White appliances are back!!

Yes, it's true!  White appliances are back and in a big way!  Thanks to integrated appliances and the popularity of the super chic high gloss white cabinetry - white appliances are back and better than ever.

...and you are seeing the sleek and chic appliance look everywhere even IKEA.

Check out current condo building like the SOHO Parkway in Ottawa to see these integrated appliances and how they disappear and really show off the uber-modern cabinets and all the other beautiful elements of the space.  See the photo below - a beautiful one bedroom condo with integrated appliances/cabinetry - can you find the dishwasher? how about the fridge? They are there!  That is what is so chic about integrated appliances - the 'ugly' but necessary ones are hidden so you have a functional yet beautiful space to work and entertain in.

These 'new' white appliances are not bulky and boring like the ones we are used to seeing in 1980's and 1990's construction.  They have a streamlined look and feel with stainless steel accents to give them some sparkle.

So for those of you who do not like the maintenance and the potential scratching of stainless steel and feel that black is just too hash check out these NEW white appliances - they have really come a long way!

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