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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What is contemporary decor?

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the trends then chances are you like contemporary style.  Many people use the term 'modern' when they actually mean contemporary.  A contemporary home isn't minimalist like a modern home but it is still sleek and sophisticated but with warmth.  This is a style that works just about anywhere - stores, offices, lofts, condos an homes - it is current and welcoming.
If you are staging your home to sell, this is the style to borrow some tips from since it is so broad.

When it comes to colour in a contemporary home, start will neutrals for furniture and walls.  Your 'pop' will come from accessories and art.  In contemporary design, line is really important.  Highlight architectural elements like angled walls or even bulkheads.  there should be bare spaces between furniture pieces and hanging wall art. Elements like brick walls or concrete floors add visual interest and texture to the space.  Furniture pieces should be clean and without curves - streamlined.  No skirts, trim or fringe either.  In contemporary design you make you impact with accessories - such as bold and graphic art and splashes of colour! 

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