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Friday, August 3, 2012

Go BOLD at home

So neutral colours are always in style and always work but if you are looking to add some excitement to your space that's easy and inexpensive - look no further.  Colour is back and it's BOLD!

Colour can do so much for a space but be sure to choose wisely. 

You want to start with having all of your items for your room, FIRST.  So if you are thinking of adding colour to your bedroom walls be sure to have your bedding, rugs etc...first.  You will want to take inspiration from those items to make your paint selection, so that it all works together.  Putting in some crazy bright colour that has no connection with your other items will just look wacky!

Take inspiration from another somewhat colourful piece in your room.  So you may want to use your drapes, furniture or bedding to help select the paint colour. 
So looking at the above image, I'd probably do a bold brunt orange or mustard wall (the wall where the headboard is).  And then, the other three walls in a neutral cream, taupe, tan or khaki. 

How do you know if it is the right shade? Test it.  So start by looking at the bold shade against white (a plain sheet of typing paper is perfect).  You will want to stick with colour that seems to have some black or brown in the base - that will keep the room looking sophisticated and classic but still with colour.  The tones that don't have brown or black in the base look like candy (too child like).  Now maybe you have a few colours and can't decide - go to your paint store and get some small sample bottles.  Paint large (24"x24") patches on the wall and look at those colours against your items and look at the colour in the day and night light.  and you'll fall in love with a colour in no time.

Scared?? Try going bold in a space like a powder room or a guest room. 

In my current home I painted our powder room in a rich dark chocolate colour.  I added some neutral cream towels and candles, a bold and colourful art piece and a very streamlined mirror.  It looks very sophisticated and we get lots of compliments, too!

You can have so much fun with colour and painting is easy (with the right tools) and inexpensive too

Have fun with colour and have fun in your home with bold colour!!

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