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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where do I put my TV??

OK, so with everyone trending towards condos and the concept of 'living large in small spaces' I would have to say the number 1 question everyone asks is - where do I put my TV?

Well, I came across an amazing furniture piece that solves that very dilemma.  It is available at Restoration Hardware - one of my absolute favourite stores. 

Check out the TV easel.  It comes in both dark solid hardwood and a polished nickel. I love this piece because you can wheel it around, you can place you TV anywhere in your space and it will fit.  If you are in a condo space that is just wall to wall windows and you don't want an ugly TV blocking the view - this piece takes up very little space and still allows for a large TV (for all you TV watchers and lovers).  And, if you do move into a larger home with more wall space to mount your TV, this piece can be used to display art or photographs too.

This also works beautifully in a large space too.  Not everyone likes a wall mounted TV or having one on a generic TV stand - this piece has some character and it is so functional.  Plus there is a clamp on the top that keeps the TV in place (a great safety feature).

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