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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot trends Alert!!

So we are a little more than half way through 2012 and we have seen a broad spectrum of trends this year but the common threads seems to be quality and colour.

Quality: the trend towards quality long lasting and authentic materials continues.  Woods, natural stone, glass, just to name a few

Colour: this year started off with a bang with tangerine which later lead us into turquoise and pink.

So what is happening in terms of trends right now?

Colour - the hot colour du jour is purple. Hues ranging from lavendar to eggplant - it's doesn't matter but it's all about purple!  And it's everywhere and everything - textiles, paint, glassware, lighting and more...and it's is any space you want! 

Look - the summer is upon us so the 'cottage' look is really hot.  The cottage look consists of smaller and cozy rooms with lots of white with some fresh accents (like blue or yellow) and pieces that are handcrafted.  Perfection and sleek furniture are not what to look for with this style.  Super soft almost threadbare linens and wobbly wood chairs have a charm and whimsy and fit right in with this relaxed look.

So if you want to be decorating in the here and now and embrace what's trending in decor, you are now up to speed and in the loop...

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