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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Model Condo Featured in the Ottawa Citizen

Just recently or the Grand Opening of SoHo Parkway (201 Parkdale) in Ottawa, Canada, KIKI Interiors was engaged to decorate a model condo.  Check out this article in the Ottawa Citizen and take a look at the photos, what an impressive brand and an incredible building in Ottawa

We wanted to create a space that both genders would enjoy.  We used a fresh and summer inspired colour palette with ocean blue, yellow and white.
We used accents of espresso to compliment the floors and the cabinetry.
We also utilized glass to create a light effect in the open concept space, the help reflect the light and have a lot of furniture in the space but without the bulk.

We didn't use the largest sofa possible.  We wanted to create some conversation area that was inviting for guests when entertaining.  We added some leather swivel chairs, a sofa and not seen are two charcoal upholstered benches.  The glass accents in the living room add surface space but not bulk.  the colour palette is consistent throughout the open space so that is feels large and spacious.

In the bedroom, we put in a king size bed which is almost unheard of in a condo but with the right furniture it can be done.  We added some bedding with lots of pillows, and we used summer inspired colours with margarita green and magenta.  We kept the furniture very simple and in light tones.  Again, accents of glass with the bedside lighting

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