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Friday, July 27, 2012

Signature style ideas for your home

So you've looking EVERYWHERE for those perfect pieces to finalize the look and feel of your home.  But everything out there just seems so common, but you are not common - what do you do?

You go to Deny Design online and you take a look at their amazing line of products. 
Every item helps an artist from somewhere around the globe. 
These pieces are colourful, fun, bright, bold and so special. 

There are so many styles to choose from it's really hard to decide - shower curtains, duvet set, throw pillows and more...
Some really fun animal pillows are great for a playroom, children's bedroom or any space needing some whimsy! 
Then there are some watercolour inspired pieces thtat are soft and romantic.  There is info on all of the artists, too!

I love these pieces and will definitely be adding some of these to my model condo and home projects and certainly in my children's playroom at home
Now which to ones to choose....

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