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Monday, September 10, 2012

All things Halloween!

Halloween is the ultimate holiday!  It's full of freight and fantasy, food and fun!  It's the perfect holiday for all ages, too1  If you are looking for some of the best ideas out there for parties, decor, food and are my current top Halloween resource picks for Halloween 2012

If you are looking for the best go-to resource for Halloween ideas for parties, decor, costumes, make up and so much more...than you need to check out The Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook Special collector's Edition 2012

Now if you are looking for new Halloween ideas and have many of Martha's previous Halloween magazines this issue is basically a 'best of' so you might be disappointed
But if you are new to the World Martha Stewart Halloween, than I would say this handbook is perfect for you or you can check out an online decade of Martha Stewart Halloween.  Now one thing about Martha is if you are craft or cooking challenged her ideas would be a big leap for you so work up to them but she has amazing ideas  for costumes, parties and make up that inspire any Halloween party planner

But here are some other magazines to check out that will leave you with some spook-tacular ideas for this Halloween and future Halloweens to come...

1.  Matthew Mead Halloween Magazine  Vintage Halloween with a modern spin, lots of simple craft projects, great entertaining ideas, tasty treats and spooky decor ideas, too

2.  Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween  Tons of great craft ideas (love the 'Candy Corn Party Invitation', and the 'Mummy's Night Out' invitation and definitely try the rich chocolate apple recipe, too)

3.  Gooseberry Patch Halloween  Perfect for families, as just about every craft and idea is kid-friendly!  Lots of super cute projects to get the kids involved be sure to check out the 'Haunted Ginger House'

4.  101 Spooktacular Party Ideas  This is another great starter book for crafts, party ideas, costumes and more.  Perfect again for kids.  this is a great book for a busy mom because it just keeps everything so simple. Plus lots of photos for every idea!

5.  Hungry Halloween  If you are tired of the same old Halloween classic snacks like popcorn balls - pick this up!  You can host a 'bewitched buffet' with Mummy Lasagna, Black Widow Bites, Werewolf Won-tons and so much the recipes are fun and budget friendly.  The kids and you party guests will love it and be amazed by your creativity

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Blogger Lisa Brown said...

I really loved your Halloween summer party ideas, these are amazing dear. I will definitely use some of them for my summer party, it’ll look really nice. Thanks a lot for sharing dear!!

January 2, 2015 at 3:10 AM  

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