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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alternative Seating Arrangements

With everyone going condo crazy , now more than ever we need some great seating alternatives that are fun and functional.

Here are some of my favourites:

I'm IN LOVE with this BDOJA chair by Amaya Guitierrez.  It's kind of pricey but when you see how much handy work is involved you will understand why.  This chair is just the essence of slouchy comfort but it also looks incredibly cool.  Picture this in the corner of your condo...perfect on rainy days while you kick back and watch some old favourites on your flat screen.  This will be the chair that your guests fight over...

Another favourite of mine and it's great for kids too.  I'm actually looking to purchase a few for my kids' playroom. The Fatboy...  they come in some many colours - it's hard to choose.  Plus, another bonus for moms and dads they are easy to clean.  But these would also be a great alternative to the bedroom chair, a fun over sized bean bag.

The classic ghost chair is perfect for a dining room, it's elegant, chic and called a 'ghost' because it's invisible yet it offers seating.  the ghost chair comes in clear plastic and a few colours but also stainless steel.  It looks great with a very contemporary table or a rustic one of reclaimed wood.

Don't forget about stools - I love the utilitarian look of this stool, it's so industrial and functional.  This is great for smaller spaces too because it is backless it really takes up less space.  I added these in my sister's home and they look amazing.  Instead of using them at her breakfast bar, we put them aside in her living room - they can be used as extra surface space and when more guests arrive just pull them away from the wall.

Another incredible stool has a really functional look about it but it's high polished.  I used these not too long ago in a kitchen in a loft style condo and they are loved by everyone!!  And I know they look really uncomfortable but they are just the opposite.  If you love this stool but have no need for one, they come in a chair too.

If you are a lover of nature and want to bring the outdoors inside there are some many choices.  If you want a modern and natural look, I love the Denmark Chair.  It's so sculptural and curvy and the natural wood tone is just stunning.  This chair looks great with a rustic table or a streamlined one, and if you really want to show off these fabulous chairs go with a glass table.  It also comes in a stool model too.

what goes around comes back around...that goes for home fashion too.  This Supernatural chair is very 60's mod.  It's a white plastic and has a curvature about it.  It looks great with glass, black or espresso or a natural wood tone.  The price is fantastic, too.

What ever you choose make it fun and memorable.  There are so many options to choose from too.  So get creative and make your space really yours. 

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