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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fabulous find for Condo lifestyles

OK, so I know I write a lot about this subject but that's because the condo life is so popular and I am often asked to find some great multifunctional pieces for small spaces. Well, here are a few more of my favourites:

The Sidecar high dining table - from Crate and Barrel.  It is sleek and streamlined so it fits beautifully in most spaces.  It has great storage at the side for cookbooks, bottles water, snacks whatever.  It can be used for dining it could even be used as a desk.  It's really affordable at $499.00 Pair it with any stool and you have an awesome multifunctional piece.  Love!

The Sift Raw Wall shelf - another great storage item from Crate and Barrel.  It has a very industrial look about it and it is so practical.  It's open shelving but it can be used in so many places.  The kitchen for dishes, the bathroom for linens or the office for books etc...Really reasonably priced at $139.00. 

The Winfrid Sofa - from is an awesome piece because it can do so much.  A lot of 'condo furniture' is low to the ground and can be quite uncomfortable. The Winfrid has a streamlined modern look but the back height and arm height adjust - perfect for guests of all shapes and sizes (and heights).  The price is right too just under $2,100

Fatboy Pet Lounger - from another great way to keep the pet off your fabulous furniture is to get them some of their own. It comes in - red, black, orange, pink, lime green, sand,  and camo.  it comes in large or small and it made of a nylon so it doesn't absorb odours and stains are easy to remove with a damp cloth.

The William Mates Bed - another great piece available from .  This is a perfect piece for a spare bedroom or a child's room.  This 'mate' style of bed comes in a twin or queen.  it offers storage under the bed - and I don't mean shoving the dirty clothes under the bed but actual storage. 

Crate and Barrel offers a similar bed but in a more contemporary design.  Called the Stowaway Queen bed and check out the chalk board detail on the drawers - another tool for organizing.  Label the drawers (shoes, sweaters, books etc...) to help you find everything and keep everything in it's place.

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