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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

Mirrors are a great trick to make any space feel larger but here are a few alternatives to making any space look and feel bigger.

1-  try reflective wall paper.  sounds tacky but look for a wall paper that has a sheen which helps reflect light around the room

2 - try mirrored subway tiles for a bathroom accent or a kitchen back splash

3 - try using glass. glass surfaces still give you the surface space you need without the heaviness and bulkiness of wood furniture.

4 - try light paint on the walls.  it doesn't have to be boring there is so much selection in the lighter tones.

5 - try to find a furniture layout that creates flow.  don't block off sight lines and pathways

6 - try lighter window dressings.  don't get fussy it adds bulk, keep it simple and light and for extra privacy try using blackout fabric.

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