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Friday, September 7, 2012

Art be thy name...

I love art!  It doesn't matter who the artist is or the price point - I feel and I know if you love an art piece you will always have a spot for it in your home.  And that's how you should shop for art - go with your gut - if you love it, buy it!

Some of my favourite places for art:

And when you move, you may need to find a new place for your favourite art pieces but you will always have a place for them in your home.  Don't go with a piece because it fits or the colours work - go based on feeling...

And if you have a lot of art and don't know what to do with it - try hanging them in a gallery style collection on the wall - but use a similar style of frame to keep the collection looking cohesive.

If you have an old piece and want to update it - try a new frame to modernize the whole look.  One of my go-to places for custom framing is Michaels

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