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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best in Desks

Alright so the kids went back to school last week and if you are a little behind in setting up a workspace for them - no worries, it's always better late than never.

Last winter, my big project was to organize my husband's home office.  Our 3rd baby was on the way and he knew he would be working more from home, so I thought an organized home office for him would be perfect!  I de-cluttered, organized, labeled and set up a great workspace.  I started with a basic desk and filing cabinet.  I added a large bookcase to store his books, and office supplies but also to add some decor.  I put a colourful rug on the floor, hung some simple drapes, hung some family photos and added some great lighting and voila a beautiful workspace with style.

My kids aren't quite school age yet but as a former teacher I know how important a proper workspace is and here are my top picks :

IKEA is a great spot to start for desks and other office basics.

The Expedit desk./bookcase combo is easy to assemble, very affordable and works across all ages.  It has lots of storage, it also has lots of surface space too.  It comes in birch, white and black/brown.

The Malm desk is another great basic desk.  Lots of surface space and storage too for files and drawers for other basics.  Comes in white, birch and black/brown and again really reasonably priced.

Crate and Barrel has lots of options too but they are better if you are looking at investing in pieces and really creating a beautiful home office.  Not to say that the pieces aren't functional - they are but the look and price point involve a higher price point and aren't really targeting a child audience.

The Brey is a beautiful ebony stained desk with a extra wide tray for the keyboard, it also has separate compartments for various home office basics like pens, sticky notes etc...

The TLD desk from Crate and Barrel is another great option especially for teens, university students or adults.  The second level of the desk is great for storage items giving lots of surface work space.  Reasonably priced and a timeless natural wood finish.  Great for small spaces too

Other great office add-ons:

white board

filing cabinets


letter or file holders


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