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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Be the Haunted House on your street this Halloween

Halloween isn't that far away, so now it is time to start planning ahead to get ready to make your home the spookiest on the street

1.  Spiderweb doormat:  using a basic black door mat you can use white paint to create a spiderweb on the black fabric of the door mat.

2.  Paper lanterns:  light up the stairs to your front door with paper lanterns, you can make your own paper lanterns out of lunch bags and try adding some eerie touches with bats and spiders.  Or get the kids to make their own paper lanterns. Use votive candles to keep them lit.

3.  Plant a witch? Re-purpose your flower urns or planters this Halloween, take some bendable mannequin legs (available online) and dress them up in striped stockings and wicked witch-y shoes.  "Plant" them upside down in your planter and add some moss for a full effect.

4.  Give'm the creeps with crawly things: check out your local dollar store for some spiderweb decor or use cheese cloth.  And now add some spooky spiders to the mix and make them yourself - using various sizes of Styrofoam balls, paint them black, use toothpick to keep them together and use black pipe cleaners for legs.  Stick your extra large spiders to your decorative cobwebs.

5.  Garage door = blank canvas: use this space to create a frightening scene.  Add some spooky silhouettes of witches, cauldrons, bats and ghosts.  If you garage door is already black in colour, add some yellow 'crime scene' tape - urging other to stay back!!

6.  Front yard cemetery.  Check out your local Halloween superstore or even grocery store for some pre-made headstones, add some accents to the headstones like cobwebs, spiders and some random skeletons around the front yard to create a creepy cemetery scene

7.  Ghosts in the wind.  Using old white sheets (or white fabric) , blown up balloons and some twine - you can have your very own ghosts.  Hang the fabric over the balloon and use the twine to tie around the 'neck' of the ghost and hang it in the tree or by the front porch.  If it's windy out it will look very real!

8.  If you love these ideas, but still want more - check out this link:

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