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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mix and Match style in the Dining room

So if you look at any model home or any magazine you have probably seen the designer look of a mix-match dining table.  It's a carefully selected set of chairs (sometimes with different end chairs) and a table that doesn't (eeek) match!  It's a way to add dimension and personal style into your dining space.  Every dining area has more or less the same basic furniture - chairs, table and perhaps a sideboard for storage.  It can be tricky to get creative and add personality....or so you think.

The look of the matchy matchy catalogue purchased dining set is over.  Designers are mixing and matching table and creating  'sets' of their own. 

This can be tricky - you really need to have some basics of scale and proportion to properly pull this off.

Need a little help?

Try mixing dining furniture piece from the same design era.

Here's an example:

Here you have a classic 60's tulip table in clean and classic white by adding the wishbone chairs (also from the 60's) in a Walnut you are working within the same design time period but adding personal style by mixing the finishes (white and walnut)

Now this example shows how you can mix styles.

In this image, we have a rustic Harvest table and the sideboard matches that farmhouse look but by adding some modern plastic colourful chairs you really change up the look and have a blend I like to call 'urban farmhouse'
Also take note of the importance of the look of the lighting in both images - the lighting is simple and contemporary that keeps the room looking current and on trend as well.

Some other chairs that I love to mix with a Harvest table are: the navy chair it comes in a classic chrome but lots of other fun colours too, the Ferrer is another industrial looking chair in steel and it really compliments the rustic wood of a Harvest table, less of a contrast but adds softness to the rustic feel of the Harvest table is the Monac - All great options it just depends on what you like.

Some chairs that I like to mix with the Tulip table (which by the way is great in a condo or any small dining space) The Bertoia adds some shine with the stainless steel but compliments the simplicity of the table, the Jacobsen is another great option because it too is very simple in shape (plus very affordable) I would go with a contrasting finish like black, grey or a wood finish, the Melody add some interest too but the shapes of the chairs and table compliment each other nicely again look for a contrasting finish like black.

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