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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eco-chic Hotel

My husband and I just had a mini-getaway from our everyday life!  It was so refreshing.  We found a fabulous new hotel in Syracuse - The Skyler Hotel.  We were looking for something special with a boutique feel - this had that and is a Green hotel!

The Skyler Hotel is a historical building that has been renovated, re imagined and re purposed.  It was once a Temple and then a theatre and now a hotel.  Instead of demolishing the building they renovated to make rooms, a bar, and lobby.  Plus many of the materials are reclaimed, 40% of the wood used is local and even the housekeeping practices are green too!

If you are into Greeg design, decor and Green products let this beautiful hotel inspire you

Green is gorgeous too...take a look at this hotel

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