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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Deck the Halls with lots of Style

So Halloween is ow over and already I'm seeing all sorts of Christmas/
Holiday decor up in stores.  Personally, I wait until mid to late November to start with my Christmas decorations but in my opinion it's not too early to start thinking of a theme.

Christmas decor used to be very traditional and classic but now there are so many looks and styles to choose from and the selection of colours is endless. 

So what are you thinking for your holiday decor this year?

In my home, we are pretty classic and family friendly with 'country' influenced outdoor planters made of natural materials and inside we have lots of family friendly decorations.  The kids love it and it really suits the style of my home.

But if you are a condo dweller - do you have to go traditional? No.  Christmas decor can be modern and contemporary. Think about  mixing metallics or sticking with one shade of metallic

 or going with fuchsia pink or lime green instead of traditional red and green.

  If you want a contemporary Christmas look for a tree that has a modern look and/or a non-traditional colour. 

Display ornaments (one shape, colour or style is best) in clear glass vases as a centre piece or on the coffee table.  You can also find classic ornaments like Nutcrackers with a modern modern feel. 

Christmas decor can be stylish and chic.  If you want a contemporary look to your Christmas theme this year - think about the basics of contemporary design : clean, simple, clutter free, repetition, bold or soft colour palettes, and add an element of surprise or whimsy. 

Have a beautiful and stylish Holiday season in your home this year!

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