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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Curb Appeal during the ugliest time of the year

Well it's hard to believe but October has come and gone and November is here! 

For those of you who have your homes on the market with a real estate agent or will have your home on the market soon, you are well aware that this time of year isn't exactly attractive.  The red, orange and gold leaves (for the most part) are gone, the hardy fall flowers are wilted and done and most of us are getting our gardens ready for the harsh winter cold. 

In the spring and summer, it is so easy to make the exterior of your home attractive to buyers but curb appeal is important all year long.

So how can you keep your home looking it's best during this time?

Start by keeping the exterior clean and tidy - sweep the porch and walk way so it isn't covered with dead leaves, rake up any of the garden waste.  As the temperature drops, make sure the exterior of your home is safe for buyers. Be sure to shovel and sweep walkways and steps and be sure to salt them, too. If you cannot take care of that yourself ask your real estate agent to recommend a company that can. Be sure that any icicles hanging from your gutters are cleared away, too.

Lighting is super important - make sure the exterior lights are all working (so replace any burnt out light bulbs) and now that it is getting darker earlier have the exterior lights on!  Not all night but after 4pm until roughly 8pm - you never know who is driving by and with the lights off your home may not be seen.  In the darker months, you could also use brighter bulbs to really enhance the look and the lighting of your home.

Welcoming front door - if you had an Halloween decor up it's time to take it down but you can still keep your fall decor - so any uncarved pumpkins, hay, corn and hardy potted mums that still look good, also a fall wreath adds warmth and colour too.  If you have an exterior chair or bench by the door, you can incorporate that too.

Stay current - even if the home is vacant you should still give the impression that you care and are still taking care of the home.  As the seasons change, keep up with them.  So at Christmas add some seasonal/appropriate pots and wreath to make the house feel like a home.

You don't want your home to be a drive by so be sure to take care of the home and have it look it's best at all times.  Be sure to speak to your real estate agent about keeping the exterior photos up to date with the season - if a buyer sees an exterior photo of your home that was taken in the fall and it's now snowy February they will see that the home has been on the market for a while and that will be reflected in their offer.

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