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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

So I just finished decorating an office for the Christmas holidays.  the office is a converted old home from 1910 - so we wanted to keep a very traditional look for the decorations to stay true to the feel of the home/office.

The main floor has 12 ft ceilings so we were able to use a 9 ft tree (typical height for trees is 7.5 ft - since most homes have 8 ft ceilings).  We went to Home Depot to purchase the tree (which was pre-lighted) and many of the decorations.  We went with a very warm colour concept of gold, red and chocolate brown.  We were able to find so much inspiration from the Martha Stewart Collection - where she has all the accents including bobbles, birds, beads and ribbon all in coordinating colours. 

I love a full looking tree so once we left the Home Depot, we headed out to HomeSense to look for some more ornaments for the tree.  I wanted lots of bling and I found it!  I found these amazing clip on red and gold, beaded butterflies - just stunning and oh, how they sparkle!  I also found some fabulous red apples with lots of sparkle and shine. I also found a very traditional brocade looking tree skirt.

Once we bought all the decorations that we could fit in the car, we set off to the office. We unloaded everything from the car and it was a bit overwhelming but when you have a plan - it makes it easier.

1. Start by setting up the tree and spreading the branches apart so the tree looks fuller

2. Set up the lights (test first for burnt out bulbs) or get a pre-lit tree (so easy!) and the tree skirt

3.  If using ribbon, start with that.  Start circling around the tree, start at the top.

4.  I like to start with the basic balls in various colours.  As you hang them up, be sure to step back now and then to make sure the colours and the balls are spread out evenly

5.  Move on to other decor items like clip on birds, or other hanging ornaments.

6.  Last the angel or start on the top (use a ladder, step stool or chair for some extra height)

For this office tree, I even purchased some beautiful boxes and placed them under the tree so it looked like there were gifts under the tree.

We also used a natural looking garland to wrap up the staircase.  Plus a stunning wreath in the same red, golds and chocolate brown colour theme on the front door. 

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