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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Outdoor Holiday Decor

So it's almost here...Christmas!  This is one of my favourite times of year - even though it's cold with winter weather I find the spirit is warming and welcoming. I like to carry that feeling in my outdoor decor for the holiday season.

Here's a few ideas you could try at your home:

1.  A beautiful wreath adds so much colour to a wintery door way. Look for colour, metallics or natural materials - there are so many choices.  You could even make you own Christmas wreath out of ornamental balls

2. Lights!  Add so much to a home during the holiday season.  A contemporary and sophisticated look is to use one colour only (white is so classic and can be used all year long but if you want to do something less expected try yellow or blue).  If you love the look but dont have the time or budget - try a pre-lit mini holiday tree in a planter  set up by the front door

3.  A natural vignette with birch logs, natural pine and cedar in an urn add some decoative glass balls for colour and shine

4.  An idea I'm going to try this year is to buy oversized super shiney and sparkley glass balls and hang them outside in the large pine on my front lawn. 

Holiday decorating can seem like a big task but it can be a lot of fun - make a day (or an afternoon of it) with the family and get them involved. 

Have a plan of when to decorate and when to un-decorate.

Do a bit at a time.  Decorating the whole house in one day might be too much for everyone

Have a colour concept especially if you think holiday decor can get tacky. 

Try making ornaments with your children.

It's doesnt have to be big and bold - subtle decor can help celebrate the season, too.  Try adding some candles in all white or red and add some 'Christmas' scent to your space too.

It's a wonderful time of year and a time to celebrate family and friends - don't let it stress you out!!

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