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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Easy gift wrapping ideas

Although wrapping gifts seems very time consuming and pointless - it can be beautiful, and it really shows the receipiant how much you care.  It is so special to see anyone put time and effort into creating something beautiful.
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It doesn't have to be complicated, just adding some simple touches can take your wrapping to a whole new level.

1 - Add a beautiful ornament instead of a bow.  The ornament can be used year after year, too.  If this is somehitng you plan on doing for multiple people try buying a box or multi-pack of ornaments

2.  Add a beautiful tag - like peace and love tags from Etsy

3.  Add something edible like a small gift bag of mixed nuts, a chocolate Santa or a gingerbread cookie.

4.  Get creative with your colour choice for wrapping. Or get some metalic paper - very bright and bold

5.  Get the kids involved use stamps or let them paint a Christmas theme newsprint and use it as wrapping paper.

6.  Add an ornament that your child made, it adds a personal touch

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