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Friday, December 28, 2012

All About Bathroom Sinks

So many styles, so much to choose from,  Where to start?

Because of the limited purpose (hand washing) of a bthroom sink, manifacturers have had the opportunity to develop a wide variety of styles for the bathroom sink.  Every bathroom sink has their own pros and cons, let's take a look -

looks like a bird bath and is often seen in powder rooms and smaller main bathrooms

Pros: attractive option when there is limited or no room for cabinetry, can make a smaller bathroom feel more spacious, open at the back to provide access to the drainpipe and supply lines

Cons: offers no storage or counter space

attach o the wall and are open underneath. Not as attractive a bit more of an idustrial or old fashion school house look

Pros: work in small bathrooms, they do not take up any floor space, easy wheelchair access

Cons: no storage or counter space


is a one-piece option with a surrounding counter

Pros: simple installation, one-piece construction means seamless (no gaps, no crevices for trapping dirt, hair etc...)

Cons: replacing a sink means replacing the countertop as well, no opportunity for creatively matching a counter with a sink


also known as 'self rimming sinks' fit inside a whole in the counter top.  the rim rests on the edge of the hole and is secured to the counter top with a waterproof sealant.

Pros: vanity cabinets hide the drainpipe and water supplies, cutouts in the cabinet do not need to be finished because they will be covered by the sink and the fixtures

Cons: these sinks lean a bit more to practical than to beautiful, the sink rim makes it impossible to wipe water from the counter into the sink


unlike a drop in sink this sink is installed from below.  This means the counter edges must be finished as they won't be covered by the sink

Pros: has a sleeker appearance than drop ins, without a rim you can wipe water from the counter into the sink

Cons: unless the vanity top can be removed you cannot install an undermount as a retrofit, because edges are exposed (counter) these sinks can only be used with waterproof countertop materials such as granite, marble, quartz or a solid-surface synthetic


sit on top of the vanity and are completely exposed and come in a variety of materials including glass, marble, and cast bronze.  No faucet holes - faucets are installed in either the wall or the counter top (be sure to get a faucet that is tall enough for a vessel sink)

Pros: visually striking, because the cut outs are so minimal you really maximize the impact of your countertop - so if you have purchased an expensive natural stone countertop you'll will get to see more of it. 

Pros: no over flow holes (you will want to install a grid drain to be sure to not have any overflow), can be very expensive, because the vessel sink sits on top of the vanity you may want to customize the vanity height


a blend of characteristics from the wall mount sink and the pedestal sink.  Lots of variation in terms of look, size and style

Pros: can accommodate a wheelchair (depends on the distance between the legs of the console), extra width usually allows for some counter storage space, in some cases towel bars can also be added

Cons: extra width means most consoles are too big for smaller bathrooms, plumbing is usually exposed

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