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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dining Room on a Budget

So my husband and I moved into a much bigger home about 1 year ago.  We needed the space for our two children and we had our third on the way.  We loved the main floor family room, large kitchen, the large laundry room with storage, the four (big) bedrooms and the big backyard!  We knew moving into a larger home meant buying new furniture. 

So after baby #3 arrived last spring we were just too busy balancing our lives to really focus on furnishing the 'extra' rooms in our home.  We decided that in 2013 we would put some focus on those rooms - we love to have friends and family over and we know they understand and don't mind crowding around our kitchen table but we both felt it was time to have a 'grown up dining room'.  After much discussion about the house hold budget and how we would fit this in, we knew what we wanted but knew we had to do this on a tight budget.

We had an empty room to tackle and we started with the light fixture.  I feel that really sets the tone for the direction you want to go in, plus it is easier to work in a space where there is light!

Because we were on a budget, I started asking around (mainly my sister and parents) to see if they had any 'left over' furniture that they wanted to get rid of or sell.  My parents had a storage locker with some old antiques and some art.  I was able to use an old sewing machine as a decorative piece and it was perfect for serving trays.  The art was great too, I just went to IKEA to purchase some contemporary black photo frames to re-frame the art which gives it a more current look.  My sister had 6 parson chairs covered in espresso leather that she was looking to unload, we were able to buy them off of her for a great price!

So the art, the chairs and the sewing machine gave the room a great start but now it's time to pull it all together.  My husband was worried the room was looking a little old fashioned, so we went for a rug that had a natural feel but also something kind of graphic and bold.  I found a great rug at a great price at Home Sense.

Now for some storage - which we really need for dishes and stemware.  Again, at HomeSense I found a great sideboard made of reclaimed wood.  I love reclaimed wood because it has so much character and warmth.

I also found some great drapes in cream and beige in a pattern for the window, the print is subtle so not to compete with the bold rug.  As for the hardware, I went to Bouclair Home and found a rod and finials in black to continue the hardware colour from the sideboard and the light fixture.

I also found a modern looking oversized landscape art piece with lots of neutral tones but also pops of blue.

As for accessories, I have been able to re-purpose items from around the house.  Like some great blue pottery piece that my husband and I bought on a trip to Greece.  I also had some driftwood, that I have put to use, an old bench in the corner under the antique art from my parents and some oversized ceramic vases in the corner.

The room is really coming together, now we need a table and we are ready to host....

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