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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Lesson in Colour

A lot of times people get very comfortable with the style and colours of their previous home and when it comes time to move (into something bigger or perhaps downsize) many people want to stick with what they know.  There's nothing wrong with loving the same colours year after year or from home to home. But if you want to keep your look fresh (which is one of the perks of moving) try applying the palette in a different way.
Same color, two finishes - first, paint with matte, then paint "design" in (same color in "glossy")
Choose textured fabrics in your favourite shades to change it up, or pick a wallpaper in one of your hues instead of using traditional paint on the walls.  If you know the name and make of your favourite wall paint colours, try going to that paint store and get the paint strip that shows all the other shades and hues in that family.  Even just the slightest tweak can totally change your look.

5 Warm Grays
 If it's a bold colour you like but don't want it on the walls, try painting a piece of furniture in that colour.  The possibilities are endless and life is just too short to be stuck in one look and one colour for the rest of your life.  Live your life in technicolour!

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