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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Staying Neutral

Staying neutral in your decor is not code for boring.  In fact, it's very sophisticated and timeless if done using some designer tips. 

Take this vignette as an example of how to use neutral wall paint to make a splash.

Surrey Beige by Glidden and Tangier Island by Ralph Lauren

Using these stunning Ralph Lauren Paint colours (Tangier Island and Surrey Beige) and doing a stripe effect on the wall really makes this space chic, plus the contrast of the wall's mill work and the dark sideboard give the space some drama.

This next image is a great example of mixing styles and neutrals to create a luxurious room that also feels very warm and comfortable.

Greys and browns, rustic and modern

When using neutral colour palettes in layers you really create a sophisticated look.  Plus in this image they have also layered textures, see the rustic console table and the sofa fabric.  the dark yet neutral fireplace surround really pops too.

When it comes to sticking neutral with your wall paint, I recommend you use more than just one wall colour.  Personally, I think 3 colours is just enough.
 One colour can be the dominant in the space and the others can be highlights or accents to help showcase certain features (like the above image where they showcased the fireplace)
Pick the Right Exterior Paint Colors | High-Contrast Color |

Decorating your space in neutral tones does not mean that the whole space needs to be beige.  Try layering neutrals and since they all neutrals work together the possibilities are endless.  Grey, Brown, Beige, Taupe, Cream, Ivory, Navy, White, Khaki, Charcoal....there is a lot of choice in the world of neutrals!

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