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Friday, March 8, 2013

Stand out from the Crowd in the Spring Selling Market

So Spring is almost here!  Youpeee!  So are you thinking of selling your home?  Well, if you are one big factor you need to take into consideration is that there will be a lot of competition in the spring market.  Why the spring?  Well, the sun is out, the snow is gone (or at least on it's way out), the grass maybe out and so might the flowers.  Generally our homes show much better too. 

So why do you need to stand out?  Because there is so much out there, buyers have a huge selection and after a while the homes can all start to look the same.

So how can you stand out from the others?  Try staging.  Staging is a way to show your home in the best possible way.  Staging is best if it is done by a professional - they know what they are doing, they have experience, they work with Realtors and know what buyers are looking for but they are also an objective eye, they don't take things personally.  you want someone who can highlight the features of your home, make it attractive for your target buyers and make it look incredible in photos, open houses and showings.

hip house flip staging by Photo by Michael Hillman

Realtors know that a properly staged home will sell faster and for more money.  Why? Because any property that shows well will get a lot of showing requests, the more buyers through a home will likely results in quick offers and/or multiple offers.  when you are in a multiple offer situation, as a seller this means you will likely get above asking.

Some stats to consider:

“98% of the houses staged have sold over the asking price.”

HGTV's Designed to Sell

“87% of people said that home presentation makes a difference in most sales.”

AOL Money and Finance Poll

“Homes that sold after four weeks on the market sold for 6% less than ones within the first four weeks!”

Survey by the National Association of Realtors

“Buyers willing to spend the money for an 'ideal' home, but not the time to renovate. The poll showed that 63 per cent of buyers preferred a higher priced home that does not require any renovations over a lower priced fixer-upper.”

Maritz Research Staging Polls

“Elements that create 72% of the first impression inside the home are within the control of the seller – well–trained staging consultants know how to show these to their best advantage.”

1999 Proctor & Gamble Survey

So what can you do to present your home in the best light?

- start by decluttering the main areas like the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, finished basement etc...Don't worry about spaces like the garage.

need to do this in the upstairs bath!!!

- give the entire home a top to bottom good cleaning think about getting a professional cleaning for the rugs

- pay attention to the details like cracked tiles, leaky faucets, touch up paint and this is where an objective eye really helps, we get so used to living in our own space that we overlook all of the little creaks and cracks that a buyer would see.

- remove the personalize items like family photos and collectibles, you'll be taking those with you to your next place so think of it as pre-packing

- updates, you don't need piles of money to make your home look and feel current, small fixes like replacing old brass or plastic knobs and handles with chrome will really make any space feel more current.  updating light fixtures and removing wallpaper boarders can make a huge difference


- think about getting a fresh coat of paint in the home.  On a tight budget? Paint the rooms that really need it

difference between grey, greige, beige and taupe.

- other add-ons, try adding some fresh colour with flowers, or a fruit bowl, or some throw pillows on sofas and beds.

- make sure the home is well lit, pull back the drapes and let the light in and make sure the light bulbs are all working (replace the burn out ones).  If you have any dark corners in important rooms try adding a floor lamp.

Selling your home can be very stressful but if it is presented in the right way, you shouldn't be on the market long....

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