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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bathroom Renovation: Why not go Grey?

A bathroom renovation is a big job in a very important space.  We use our bathroom at the start an finish of everyday, so it should have the look and feel of a calming and refreshing space.  If you are looking at renovating your bathroom in the near future and don't know what colour scheme to start with, think about going grey! 

Neutral tones are always best for a space that you won't be updating often due to the level of work and the cost plus it is easy to blend in new accessories into an already neutral space. 

Grey getting a bit of a bad rep many people think it is too cool and unnatural but the colour grey is actually seen in many of nature's rocks and stones.  And, if used correctly you can have a very warm and nature inspired bathroom using shades of grey.  Grey can be very peaceful and calming, it can also work with some many styles ranging from modern to classic. 

Recommended palette of grey Benjamin Moore Paints from interview on Design Crisis

Grey is a great choice if you like colours or really anything that is a mid-tone.  Grey is a great neutral to work with because you can mix other neutrals with it (I love grey with white and navy blue)  but you can also add some great pop colour with grey (like orange for a sporty look or eggplant for a more dramatic look)

So how can grey be used in a bathroom?  It can be used in so many ways like cabinetry
Grey bathroom cabinets

or stone counterops

or tile

grey subway with calcutta marble, wood tone vanity

or paint

light fixture

Grey has a range of tones and possibilities.  So for your next renovation why not go grey and create a soothing and tranquil space for you to enjoy for now and for years to come....

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