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Monday, April 1, 2013

It's spring...time for a makeover!

So, spring has sprung and now it's time to update!  Put away the winter clothes, pull back the drapes to let the sun in and start with some easy ideas to freshen up your space!  Accessories can really make a huge difference in your space without busting your bank account.

1.  Colour.  Yes, pillows and throws are fun but how about some colourful furniture?  Like a coffee table, end tables or a credenza - this is truly unique and adds so much personality to your space.  Don't focus on which colours are "in", focus on what colours you like and you can work with in your space.


*This red credenza adds so much pop into this room but by pairing it with the blue and white tones in the room, it's a classic colour combination in a trylu special way.

2.  Wall art.  Some bare walls are great balance and put the focus on the prettier things in the room but sometimes the walls need some dressing up too.  Instead of your basic art or photography, why not try some vinyl decals?  they are super easy to apply and easy to remove (without any marks left behind).  You can find inspiring messages, cool shapes and scene and some great options for kids' rooms. 


*I love wall decals in a kids' room because they come in great colours and themes but they are also very safe and secure, absolutely no worries about a frame potentially falling on your little one(s).

3.  Your table setting.  A super easy and inexpensive way to make your table pop this spring is to update your linens and placemats/chargers.  You can find some great bright colours, and this season is all about colour.  Try adding some yellow or blue to your table top.


*With solid colour plates (especially white) you can transform your look so easily.  I love using orange in the Fall months, green, yellow and blue in the spring and summer and red in the winter. 

4.  Your scent.  Not you but your home.  You probably have some candles around the house and if you are like me you tend to have some heavier scents for the fall/winter months like pumpkin pie or apple cinnamon.  So for spring try to lighten up with lilac, clean linen or lavender.  Scents can help set the scene in your home, too.

* look at the colour of the candle too, does the colour work with your space?  You can also use fresh cut flowers in your home to add some fresh scents to the space.  Have kids or pets and are worried about an open flame? Look for battery operated scented candles - they are great!

5.  Your lamps.  Take a look at your lamps and maybe they need a makeover, too. 
There are so many great lamp options on the market - lots of colour, cool shapes and glass, these can really change a space.  Or, look at just updating your lamp shades.  A white shade can let out so much more light than a beige one.

*I love glass lamps, they are so light and fresh but really work all year long.  They are classic too!

6.  Your sofa 'bling'.  Pillows and throws are probably the easiest way to add some colour and freshness to your space.  There are so many options too.  I personally love some colour and pattern.  but texture is great, too!

*You can have a winter/fall set of pillows and throws and a summer/spring set of pillows are throws.  Just bring them out when the time is right and bingo! instant update.

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