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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Condo living - think big!!

So you've decided that condo living is for you!  What an exciting time!  Condo living is so chic and truly urban and from what I've heard a bit of a liberating experience.  You no longer need a car, you don't need the big appliances stocked with food for 40, you get to de-clutter and totally purge all of your junk...what a great feeling and a fresh start! 

But you still need the basics like a sofa, seating for guests, a dining area-  so now how do you decorate it to truly maximize your space?

Many say that you have to go with lighter colour tones, every thing has to be smaller and you'll have to sacrifice somethings like a home office or a larger dining table and that smaller furniture is of poorer quality -  FALSE.

use as coffee table or for extra seating

You need to really plan out the space you will be living in and use it wisely, no more wasted space.  Yes, some of your furniture pieces will need to be smaller (you are in a smaller area) but that doesn't mean you are scrimping on quality. 

Small, rectangle room.  Excellent for tv or study space.

Think about keeping it streamlined, so wall mounting the TV and furniture that isn't fussy or too busy.

So what about the home office?  Yes you could have one.  If you have a two bedroom place.  I would turn the 2nd bedroom into a very multi functional space with a workspace, a pullout sofa (good quality) and storage too.  If you don't have the extra space of a second bedroom try using a corner of the kitchen for a computer/workspace or maybe get creative like a little nook under the stairs (we are staging a condo in early April where we are doing just that). 

Think about the office items you will be using, you may not be able to have some massive piece (and a lot of office furniture tends to be on the bulky side).  Take a look at a narrow table or perhaps a compact glass desk.  And for the office chair, try a sleek dining chair that matches your set - this create a look that really flows and the office chair can easily be used in the dining room for extra seating

Wonderful Work Space | Content in a Cottage

So what about colour in your condo?  You don't have to stay light but you should have some contrast.  Everything dark can feel very cave like.  But if you love grey, use it just keep the look monochromatic - that will make the space feel bigger.  Using a lot of bright colours will make the space feel choppy and small.  Use colour in accents like candles and pillows

Big Art will make a Big difference.  Lots and lots of small photos or art pieces on a wall will feel small and cluttered so keep it simple with one big piece.  Same goes for furnituree, a few key pieces is better that a lot of small ones.

A great tip for a dining room, use a bench seat instead of two chairs.  It keeps the line of vision super clean and clutter free without sacrificing seating for guests.  Or, customize your kitchen island by attaching the dining table (basically extending the island surface and adding legs).  A very chic and streamlined look that is just perfect for entertaining.

small space

Condo living is a lot of fun but can be a bit of an adjustment.  Be sure to measure, plan and measure again and always ask about a return policy before committing...

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