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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebrity Style at Home : Reese Witherspoon

Home is where you can kick back and relax and where you can truly be yourself!  The same goes for celebrities.  A style and look of a home really reflects who we are. 

When I saw these stunning photos of Reese Witherspoon's Ranch Retreat in Ojai - I felt I saw a different side to her.  Relaxed, cozy and laid back - personally I love it!

The whole surrounding just have a tranquil look and feel.  And, the landscaping different from what I'm used to living in but I love the raw and organic beauty of the desert.

This is also the home that Robert Pattison was rumoured to be saying in after his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart was outed for cheating on him.  I must say looks like a peaceful place to hide and re-group. 

In the living room, I love the mix of textures and tones.  The dark and rustic texture and tone of the wood against the white walls offers contrasting without being too sharp.

The designer was Kristen Buckingham and I love how she still kept the home family friendly.  this kitchen is so perfect for relaxed and easy entertaining with friends and family. 

A soothing space for a candlelit bath any night of the week.  I love when bathrooms are decorated in light and layered tones. 

This home is also the site of Reese's wedding to Jim Toth

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