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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The essential equipment for your kitchen

You just moved in or just bought a place, now it's time to load it up with the essentials.  Let's start with the kitchen - there are so many kitchen tools out there but what do you really need?

Here's my list of kitchen equipment essentials that everyone needs in their home.

1.  Cookware set.  A 10 piece will keep you covered - which includes 2 fry pans, 2 sauce pans with lids, saute pan with lid,  stock pot with lid.  I like the non-stick variety, it's easy to keep delicate foods like eggs intact.

2.  Measuring cups.  A must if you want to bake but also handy when making sauces and basics like rice.  stainless steel, stoneware or plastic -it's entirely up to you.  Stackable options are great if you are limited when it comes to storage space.

3.  Measuring spoons.  Again a must if you want to bake but also needed for sauces etc... These colourful ceramic ones are from Anthropologie. 


4.  Cutting board.  Really you should have two, one in plastic or glass for meat and one in wood or bamboo for fruit, veggies etc...  You can run the plastic board through a dishwasher but not the wood one.  Hand wash (but don't submerge in water, it will warp) use coarse salt and water to rub out stains (effective and Eco friendly)

5.  Cheese grater.  But you can also grate carrots for salad or baking carrot cake or ginger for sauces or tea!  Look for one with various grating sizes and some have a 'catcher' to contain what you have grated.  Like this one from IKEA


6.  A knife set.  I really recommend getting a high quality set.  A top quality set can last a lifetime and with a poor set not only will you be always replacing it but you risk hurting yourself.  a block set is a great way to go - especially if you are on a budget.  a set with a pairing knife, utility knife, bread knife, chef's knife, honing steel sharpener, kitchen shears and a block is perfect!  Makes a great wedding gift or house warming gift and worth splurging on! 

7.  Mixing bowls.  You will use them for baking, making salads, sauces, etc...and no need to splurge on mixing bowls.  This is a Joseph Joseph's Nest 5 Kitchen Essentials which comes with a large and small mixing bowl, colander, sieve, and juicer and they all stack nicely together for easy storage.  Love the bright colours too!


8.  Peeler.  Again, get a good quality one because you could really do some damage to your knuckles otherwise.  Great for potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables but also apples.  I also like a grip handle, too .  The Rotary Peeler by Joseph Joseph offers lots of options

9.  Corkscrew.  Wine anyone?  Not so easy without a corkscrew.  A must if you plan on entertaining...a rabbit ear wine pull is a great option and so easy to use, again a bit more expensive but worth every penny.


10.  Colander.  Needed to drain pasta or thaw shrimp etc...I love the over the sink options, no more struggling to keep the colander balanced while you hold a piping hot stock pot.  The arms extend to fit over any sink...once I finish posting this I'm going to buy one!

11.  Salt and Pepper Mills.  Salt and Pepper are the staples of seasoning just about anything!  So these tools are a must have.  The salt mill might be a surprise to you but with the amazing taste and readily available varieties of coarse salt you really need to break the salt down before serving, a big chunk of sea salt can be a big harsh.

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