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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boy meets girl...his style meets her style...

So, boy meets girl ... they get along well for a few months (or more) and well, they then decide to move in together....probably not the way most of our parents would like to see us meet our match but that's how it is happening for many of us.  And the days of having the big splashy wedding shower where friends and family outfit your new home with everything you've ever dreamed of....that seems to be a way of the past as well.

More and more couples are choosing to live together before marriage and some skip the 'marriage' thing all together and start having children.

OK, so what in the world does this have to do with home decor??

Well, people are meeting their life partners later in life.  Many of us are living on our own and have our own places before we find that special someone.  Which means we have our own stuff and when our stuff meets his/her stuff it can be a tricky combination.

In my opinion, this is where and why we are starting to see new styles emerge.  We can no longer really put labels on a couple home decor like contemporary or country, it's more like this...rustic elegant or modern vintage. 

So how do we make different styles work together under the same roof?  Well, balance is so important.  Balancing out the elements of each style in a room.  so instead of having a rustic 'let's go to the lodge' looking living room and 'glamour in Paris' looking dining room in the same house.  You mix the styles together and create a style that reflects the both of you.

Pinned Image

So take this image for example, the combination of the industrial chairs and light fixtures are a nice counter balance to the soft and subtle wall colour and table linens.  The table has a rustic top but again the cream base softness up the look of it.  The glass elements and the greenery add some feminine touches too.  the big clock wall feature has a 'found design' look and it makes a bold statement.

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Another great mix of styles...There are more than 2 styles here.  You've got a modern coffee table, a contemporary streamlined sofa in a grey felt, modern photography mixed with a traditional mirror and a rustic rug but all together it really works and this is truly a person with a sense of style

Pinned Image

I call this style - rustic elegance- see how the wood and the clean and sophisticated elements balance each other out.  They are opposites but they work well together.  The combination of the white on white, the upholstered chairs, the mirror, the candles and the floral arrangements mixed with the cast iron, the reclaimed wood with lots of character and depth, make this room truly special.

So here are some tips to mixing your styles:

- you need balance in the room, so be sure that the main two are featured.  If you have too many in one room and not one is really standing out - it looks like a garage sale, aim for an 80/20 mix.  80% being one style (the dominant) and the toher 20% can be another style or a mix of other styles.

- use the items you love and the stuff you don't donate or toss. If you love a piece you will always, always have a space for it.

- be willing to compromise with your partner, so if she really wants the ultra modern glass dining table then you should be able to hang your cabin inspired wall art

- think about how an item could be re purposed....a wild paint colour or fabric can make a traditional piece more modern, a country inspired art piece can look really modern and fresh once it is re-framed, so keep an open and creative mind

Yes - you can work together to get this done but remember decorating a space to reflect your personal styles and tastes takes time, so enjoy the journey and don't forget it is fun to buy some pieces together!

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