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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello, Colour!

Spring is here!  And if you are looking to give your home a little makeover, have you thought about something as easy as your front door colour?  Such any easy fix and now that the weather is getting warmer and drier (very soon) it's the perfect time!

So what colour to choose?  Here's a few great ideas...from Beauti-tone Paints

1- Beauti-Tone Wet Sands 3H2-7  a beautiful golden orange tone. 

2 - Beauti-Tone Green Conifer Hills 5141EC a classic and tradition colour but if you are a fan of green but want to stay understated this is mixed with black so it isn't too green

3 - Beauti-Tone Earthenware  3E1-8  I love a red door but finding the right red it tricky.  I also love an orange too but sometimes it can look too much like it's a Halloween decoration.  So this colour is perfect!

4 - Beauti-tone Direct Line 436  Purple is a great colour choice for an exterior door.  I've selected a variety of purple hues for condos and single family homes.  This purple is rich and regal but would also work well in contemporary design

5 - Beauti-Tone Grey Eyeshadow SC047  A great grey option, looks great in traditional or contemporary style door.  If you find black too intense this is a great alternative.

6 - Beauti-Tone Loving it 3C2-8  I love a red door, very classic and yet still fun!  This is the perfect red door shade.

7- Beauti-Tone Hidden Mountains 5135EC  Aubergine is a great alternative to Cranberry which was so popular.  this is rich, sophisticated but a bit different.

Other elements to consider when you are changing you door colour. 

- Think about your trim, if you really want the door to stand out go with a lighter trim like white or cream.  Keeping the trim darker is a more modern look and really look at the age/style of the home to see if modernizing it is the way you want to go.

-  Update your grip set too.  That should include the knocker, kick plate, numbers (address plate) and mail slot or mail box.

- a good cleaning maybe even power washing is a good idea too

- How about the exterior lighting?  It should match the grip set.  So if the grip set is black so should the other accessories be.

-  I love to see some greenery around an exterior entry.  Planters, natural wreath, there are so many possibilities

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