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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to Work!

With back to school just around the corner parents everywhere are cheering and jumping for joy!  But and dad, what about your workspace? Could it use some sprucing up?  You are spending so much time focusing on the kids and making sure they are set up for success but what about you?
Here are some tips to upgrade and improve your workspace.

1.  Start with a de-clutter.  get rid of the junk, the scrapes of paper, the pens that don't work and just the garbage that ends up lying around.

2.  Figure out what is missing.  Do you need magazine portfolios? Do you need a whiteboard/pin board?  Are you low on supplies? Make a list and a plan.

3. Lighting.  Is your office well lit?  I like an overhead lit but also a desk lamp and in a larger office space a table or floor lamp.  Remember, it doesn't have to be from an office supply store.  Check out furniture stores for some great stylish options for the office, too.

4.  Surround yourself with what you love. Work isn't necessarily always fun but surround yourself with photos of family, friends or memorabilia to remind yourself why you work so hard.  Also it adds personality to the space and for clients coming to see you at the office they get a better sense of who you are.

5.  Add some style with art, rugs and some decor pieces - again to create a beautiful space that inspires!

6.  Keep it interesting.  Yes, you need pens, tape, stick pads etc...but why not add some colour to the space with those everyday items you need.

7.  Keep it organized.  Clutter adds stress to our lives so get organized.  Have a place for everything - pens, pencils, paperclips and more...Have file folders and holders...they are so many options, clutter shouldn't be!


8.  Have healthy snack options at the desk like apples, trail mix or just plain nuts - even microwave popcorn is a nice treat that has health benefits too.  Have some selections of tea for chilly days....

9.  A colourful pashmina over the back of the chair adds colour and texture and it just perfect for those days when they is a little chill in the office.

10.  Have one-on-one meetings in your office or guests popping by often?  Have a fun and visually interesting yet cozy guest chair instead of something plain, boring and corporate!  It doesn't have to be expensive to have a stylish chair


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