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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy Does It!

Stylish spaces don't need to be expensive to look fabulous!

Keep it simple and follow (even just some of) these simple ideas to get a chic space in no time!

1.  Start with your basics (sofa, chair(s) and perhaps accent tables) in neutral tones and clean lines.  If you are totally starting from scratch spend a bit more of your budget on these basic pieces -it's worth it!  Clean lines and neutral tones are an easy and strong foundation to work with and have endless possibilities.The items can be used in your main living area and if you do move on to a large space in the future, they can be used again but maybe in a family room or basement rec room space.

2.  Accessories make the whole look come together!  And can be budget friendly, too!  Try looking at online stores too like homesav and onekingslane

3.  Pre-made panel drapes are easy and cost effective.  I like to go with a nice neutral with some texture or a neutral-on-neutral pattern like a lattice or stripe. 

4.  Pillows pull it together!  Mix up pattern, colour and texture for a cohesive and stylish look.  Don't see what you like in your home store? Try denydesigns for something truly unique or try going to your favourite textile store and ask about getting some custom pillow covers made, it's actual a lot more affordable than people realize.  Also don't be afraid to play with the size of your pillows, we are seeing a lot of bigger pillows on sofas these days instead of lots of smaller ones.

5.  Personalize yard sale or thrift shop finds and make them funky with paint and/or new upholstery.  A formal dining chair with some paint and new fabric can take on a whole new look and act as an accent chair in the living room - a perfect idea for smaller spaces like a condo.


6.  Art doesn't have to be expensive to look great! Try online stores like or for great deals. Or try framing scrapbook paper and hang it in a gallery arrangement, you can also frame fabric!  Or, try framing cards or your photos with over sized mattes - it looks expensive!

7.  Area rugs always bring a room together and they help to define spaces.  But the larger area rugs are more expensive, you can always layer your rugs on the floor.  and if you have wall to wall carpet but want definition in the room you can still use a colourful area rug to do that!


8.  Paint is so affordable and can do some much.  If you have an odd architectural feature or an ugly fireplace try painting it.  I like to stick with neutrals, that way you can change up your accessories as often as you like without be limited by a certain paint colour.

9.  Add pieces that reflect your personality!  Like books, photographs, items from nature, wonderful treasures from your travels or a collection display it on a coffee table or bookcase.  These items act as art but also show the world who you are, plus you should surround yourself with what you love!


10.  Keep it clean and clutter free!  It's so much easier to care for, clutter free living reduces stress and it allows you to show off your items and they won't get lost in the mix.

11.  Combine expensive items with inexpensive items and old with new.  You will get great results from mixing it up!

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