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Monday, August 26, 2013

Whoooooo loves Halloween?

My kids are obsessed with Halloween and really who doesn't love this spooky holiday!

They have already picked out their costumes (Tiger, Robot and Princess) and they can't wait to start decorating the house

Last year, with Hurricane Sandy blowing through we didn't get the chance to really decorate the exterior, but this year we will make up for it!

Here are some ideas I'm going to try this year!

1.  Paper lanterns with votive candles.  Very easy and great for younger children who want to participate in the fun.  White paper bags are best, let them colour the exterior or paste black spooky shapes like cats, witches and ghosts (you can find great pre-cut Halloween shapes at craft stores.  Place them up the stairs or along your walk way and be sure to place the votives inside to keep the paper put (almost like a paper weight).  Lit them up and let them glow!  But be sure to have someone home while they are lit, we don't want any accidents.

2.  Use hardware or craft store foam to create an awesome monster mouth! Be sure to ask the experts at the craft store which paint to use, you don't want the foam to disintegrate.
Monster eyes and fangs made from hardware store foam.

3. Re-use those summertime tiki torches.  Add skulls (the dollar store has them for cheap) and poke them through the tiki torch top (before it's lit).  Line up the torches along a walkway or just pop them throughout the garden.  Again, be sure to be home when they are lit.

1 dollar for clearance torch.1 dollar for Dollar Tree Skull = nice Halloween Torch!

4.  Leave a bunch of corn brooms at the door with a parking sign.  Much tamer, won't scare the little ones and the parents will get a kick.

5.  Cobwebs! Cobwebs! And more cobwebs!  Cheap but wow, to they make an impact!  Mix them up with other cheap dollar store items like skulls, pumpkins, bats and mix some fall leaves in there too.  How about an old work bench or chair or box to hold a homemade mummy and then bring on the cobwebs.

pinner took a dollar store strofoam pressed skull used an exacto knife and cut its jaw open then re glued it so its screaming painted the inside black to give it an extra open mouth pop. covered it with cobwebs to hide the imperfections and put it on a box painted to look like a crate. cob webs and skull two buck investment.
6.  Get out the wheel barrow and fill it up with soil and dollar store bones and skulls.  Leave it on the front lawn or by the front steps.  To add extra impact, add some grave stone (made of foam) on the front lawn. Oh and don't forget the shovel!

wheelbarrow of bones
7. Pumpkins can be more than just carved!  Paint them black and light from the inside for a spooky effect.  Glue gun sparkles for some shine.  Get some inspiration from Hollywood movie make up with bruising and blood.  Check out Pinterest for ideas using wax crayons to make prettier pumpkins.  
Think about using the stem as a part of your design, like a witch's nose.

witch pumpkin halloween crafts diy

8.  Don't forget the music!  Sound effects of creaky doors, gusting winds, screams and cackles are super scary and perfect for Halloween!

9. How about a Halloween wreath?  Start with a base of black foam or feathers or even grapevine.  Add skulls, bones, spiders, baths and pumpkins.  Make one that will last year to year.  And because it isn't perishable like a carved pumpkin you can put it out as early as you like

awesome wreath from dollar store materials  Got to do this one

 10. Use fallen branches, hanging spiders and foam ravens as an arch way around the front door.  You can add a series of pumpkins, too.  This is pretty but also more age appropriate for younger children
I think I will be doing this one this year and save the spooky stuff for when my children are older.
great branch halloween pumpkin front door entry

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